Episode 7: Nectar of the Damned

We did it!  We made a Discord!  If anyone is interested, go ahead and hit us up on Twitter @tobaspod and we’ll set you up with a link.  Come hang out and shoot the shit with us!  OH! Justin and Jason from the Blood and Steel podcast invited us on to talk about the story and the game itself.  It was too much fun, so look for that episode soon at http://guild9gaming.com/index.php/podcasts-and-blogs/blood-and-steel-podcast

Torel, Four, and Eva are still kicking and pressing on.  Thanks for joining us as they discover a little more about what is happening in Esker, and what it might mean!


As always you can head on over to Schwalbentertainment.com for a look at all the Demon Lord action!

Music in the episode is from Battlebards.com .

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