Episode 5: Welcome to Esker!!

We’ve made it to Esker! Yikes! I’m sure Eva, Torel and Four are just happy to be out of Brildar.. especially Eva.  The knew they’d be heading into some sort of fight, but are perhaps taken aback by the scene they come upon.  We hope you enjoy this weeks episode and thanks for checking us out!


As always you can head on over to Schwalbentertainment.com for a look at all the Demon Lord action!

Music in the episode is from Battlebards.com .

2 thoughts on “Episode 5: Welcome to Esker!!”

  1. I just got started into diving into SotDL and I stumbled unto your Actual Play and it’s great! Can’t wait for the next episode, you guys are doing a great job!.

    1. Thank you so much! SO happy you’re enjoying it! SotDL is a great RPG! Hope you’re enjoying the book. It’s a fantastic system and setting. 🙂 HAIL!

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