Episode 4: …Oh, Eva…

Hey! Welcome back!  Brildar is abuzz, rallying any able bodied individuals to shuffle off to Esker to bolster the front against whatever the heck is going on over there! A couple stops on the way and Four, Torel, and Eva appear ready to get going and join the fight!  I’m sure everything is going to go smoothly, and I’m sure the reports from Esker are exaggerated anyway.  I mean… The soldiers of the Crusader States have fought against tougher circumstances than this, right?  …Right?    Thanks for checking us out, and we hope you enjoy this weeks completely uneventful episode. 🙂


As always you can head on over to Schwalbentertainment.com for a look at all the Demon Lord action!

Music in the episode is from Battlebards.com .

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